9 Top PDF To Word Converting Software Offline & Online Free Download


With the accumulation of information that surrounds the internet in this era, lack of resources cannot be one of the problems that humans face. Rather, it is the lack of acquiring new resources. This also applies in the case of getting the best PDF to word converter. The selection of the best PDF to word converter depends on the features that a person may want to have.

For instance, an interface that offers seamless user experience is a key factor that people consider when it comes to choosing a good pdf to word converter. Irrespective of how efficient a PDF to doc converter is, if it has a rather awkward and clumsy look, operators will tire out of its use. That is why a good PDF to word converter should also have a great UI and UX.

Additionally, a person may want to confirm that the supposed software has the capacity to render all details of the PDF into docx without any alteration or omission. Speed and efficiency during conversion is also one of the features a user should look for before opting for a specific converter. Getting an immediate output after conversion goes to show how easier it will finally be for a user to enjoy the output of the software chosen.

There are numerous free online and paid converters that will get the job done, using different is however important to note that, they do not work the same. Consequently, one may need to assess their needs before settling on the most suitable pdf to docx converter.


Talkhelper PDF converter


Talkhelper is inarguably one of the most ideal and recommended software of all time. This is because it offers an assortment of Window extensions that PDF files can be converted to. One outstanding feature of this program is its blue and white display and an easy interface that give it a flashy look and a lively touch it making the user enjoy navigating through it.

After activation is done in Talkhelper PDF converter, it requests a connection to any cloud storages services an operator uses. Talkhelper PDF converter pulls documents from here as well as allowing a user to save files and edited documents to any cloud in the application. This not only helps in recording a user’s workflow, but also creates the program to be a part of the electronic workflow.

As Talkhelper is in two versions, the free version does not include the highlighting feature. Once upgraded to premium, it has great conversion tools and creation. In addition, it offers powerful editing, collaborating and security properties which allows an operator to modify the document while guarding its content.


SmallPDF to word converter


Unlike very many pdf converters, the small PDF is very sophisticated and can be easily understood from the first glance. As the name suggests, for a small PDF, the features are quite impressive. It is designed to enable an operator to navigate with an ease of mind and do PDF to word conversion without having to install anything on a computer.

The free version alone performs various functions that an operator needs from a basic PDF converter platform. It can convert multiple documents during the conversion process as well as editing, compression and merging of PDFs. Just like Talkhelper, SmallPDF integrates with drop box and google drive which allow for smooth, dynamic and seamless PDF to Microsoft word conversion.

Another great feature is the ability to share billing and have a multi user functionality and management. This is a very cool feature especially for small enterprises who have staff that needs PDF to word conversion services.


FM PDF converter

FM PDF converter_2

This type of pdf to doc converter is considered a dynamic one which has a dual band approach to interpreting its service. Besides converting pdfs, it has a feature of serving as a pdf reader, which means that you can read your pdfs without having to convert them to word. How ingenious is that?  This amazing feature is nevertheless only offered by the free version.

In the present world, there are a handful of people who may need the service of PDF to doc conversion and editing but may not be able to afford the paid version. That is why the free web-based version was created which also provides a good number of features that cater for most needs. However, the paid version, which is also the downloadable version, offers along a more robust and sophisticated features.

However, the only issue about FM PDF is that as an individual, you might question why you should get the paid version when the web-based offers are just about the same. The answer may not be justified but one thing for sure is that you are better off with the paid version if you need the services as an organization.


PDF2 word converter


Online2pdf converter, also known as PDF2word converter is a relatively efficient and simple PDF conversion tool which can perform all the tasks you may need. It requires no sign up or log in information as it is a free web-based and slim featured conversion program and there is not much to be expected from this software.

Unlike SmallPDF it does not have a drag and drop feature but rather, it requires a user to upload files before the conversion process begins. This program can convert one or multiple files in one go and merging and splitting of files. The entire process of conversion is carried out on a secured connection and once it is complete, files are deleted immediately.

What more guarantee of security and safety can an operator get from a free online app? The only limitation is that the maximum size of file is one hundred megabytes. A user can select a maximum of twenty files at a time, but all files should not exceed one hundred and fifty megabytes.


PDF hero


Many people are skeptical as to why this converter is named Hero. Well, first off, it possesses some features that other converters have not yet developed. To begin with, this converter has a downloadable app and a web-based service provider that can be retrieved from its website.

Few of the converters has this feature. Most of the apps have a downloadable feature and those that are not, only have web-based access. Aside from the downloadable feature, PDF hero also offers a feature of compression. It enables a user to compress a large size of any PDF file so that’s its condensed to a more reasonable size.

This may not be what many people are looking for, but since it is a feature that most PDF to word converters do not have, it is a bonus for PDF hero. Without a doubt, this converter can well pass as the most robust I the list for the best pdf to word converters in the market.


Solid PDF converter

SolidDocuments pdf_5

As the name suggests, solid documents PDF to word converter is undeniably a solid app that delivers remarkable conversion job. This app, when tested, delivers a conversion job that is closely like what Nitro pdf does as it does tremendous work with the extraction of both the layout and text.

As is the norm when it comes to design, Solid document pdf converter scores well. It has a well-designed interface that helps operators know what to do and where to get what.


Free online OCR


This converter is different from all other converters because it converts pdf to editable word through scanned pdf documents. As the name suggests, it employs the use of OCR (optical character recognition) to perceive the text in the scanned PDF document to be converted.

Given the fact that it is a web-based converter, the most effective way of conversion is by scanning your pdfs and uploading them for conversion online. Another cool feature of the free online OCR converter is that it delivers the result of your conversion via a link to download whereas other converters mail the output to users.

That is one reason to make this software your go-to web-based conversion software for converting your scanned PDF to word.


Foxit Phantom PDF standard


This converter is one of the most convenient when it comes to converting PDF to word documents. Additionally, one can play around with their PDFs by editing, adding security features and redacting some parts in the document. Phantom PDF interface uses the utmost common Microsoft method and the modern UI look (Windows 8).

Foxit phantom PDF standard comprises of the functionality essential by professional clients to exclude some amount as capital. The editing feature is one of the best PDF to word converter software ever analyzed, but they are additional features that make this program standout.

Its ability to filter, type, analyze and correlate log entries so that clients can gain information such as who gets the files and what documents are accessed.


Soda PDF Pro

Soda PDF Converter_6

Soda PDF pro is among the top-rated software as it provides a program that offers a variety of useful functions. To begin with, its designed with a simple, modern, easy to navigate interface and it also comes with several helpful features which provide dedicated sustenance for businesses.

Moreover, this software can be accessed from any web device, be it a desktop or in Android mobile phones and iPhone. This converter has OCR, which means that it can convert documents to word docs from image-based PDFs. Soda PDF Pro works with eight languages and can create forms and collect data from filled-out forms. One downside of this program however is its inability to export and open ePub files.



If you have been anticipating downloading an appropriate PDF to word converter then look no more, you can settle with one of the programs above. Bear in mind that each converter is different and has its own unique features and you may need to opt for the one that works best for you.

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