10 Best Software For Converting PDF To Excel Offline For Free On Windows

Looking for the best PDF to Excel converter program for Windows(see details)? If so, you are in the right place as we delve into the world of PDF to Excel conversion tools in order to find out which one is more superior.

In a quest for the best, you will be able to compare the featured programs and make a well-informed decision. Keep in mind that the tools offer different features on top of the core function as incentives to pull you to their side. Let us dig into the world of PDF to XLSX converters and find out which one is the best.


Weeny Free PDF To Excel Converter


Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter delivers a very simple and interactive way through which you can transform any PDF file to Microsoft Excel format. Customizability is at another level since you are able to modify the output format – XLS or XLSX – and at the same time decide on the output directory.

Even if the input PDF files are encrypted, this top tool is able to process them and save in different modes. This tool does not require any extra stuff for it to work so it is the best PDF to Excel converter when you need to jump right into conversion.


UniPDF PDF To XLS Converter


UniPDF will get you started on your first PDF to XLS conversion task within no time thanks to the simple and straightforward installation process. Adding if files os most convenient when using the supported drag and drop feature on top of access to cloud services to store your files.

There are preset formats you can export your content to so be sure to select the right option. Fonts, texts, and all the graphics will be retained during the conversion process so expect the highest quality possible for the output. This means that very little to no editing is required for the final spreadsheet.


Soda PDF

Soda PDF Converter_4

Soda PDF brings you both reliability and portability in the same package. You can choose between the online or offline tool to all your PDF to Excel conversion tasks. You will be able to work with this tool from just anywhere in the world to convert PDF to Excel. In addition to that, editing features are provided for you to use for instance the option to annotate the output for that extra tweaking.

The built-in OCR feature will make retyping a thing of the past and save greatly on time. Scanned PDFs or images based PDF files should no longer worry you. Better yet, if you like working online you can add files from the supported cloud services and later save the output spreadsheets in the same cloud.


iLovePDF PDF To Excel Converter


iLovePDF is 100% free to use so it is the best PDF to Excel converter if you do not have money to spend on a very premium tool. The process of converting a PDF to an editable spreadsheet is very simple and straightforward. You are just required to upload or add your file, start the PDF to Excel conversion process and then wait for the output that will be available for you to download.

In case you are dealing with scanned PDF files, the OCR kicks in automatically without your interaction so as to make sure or the required content is extracted from the PDF and exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It may at times fail in terms of output depending on the complexity of the file but overall, it is a good tool.


PDF Suite Pro


PDF Suite Pro carries so many features under its arms and every feature has been crafted with the user in mind to make the PDF to XLSX process simple and convenient. Batch PDF to Excel conversion is a feature that this tool boasts of and it will help you convert multiple PDF files to editable spreadsheets all at the same time.

The best thing is that when you need to convert PDF to Excel, there is no compromise on the general formatting so you can expect the content of similar high-quality to the original file. The converted Microsoft Excel files are very readable on top of being editable. In the instance you are working with the online version of this tool, your activities happen over encrypted connections to ensure your security.

Adobe PDF To Excel Converter


Acrobat PDF to Excel Converter is the best when you want to avoid tedious data entry and reformatting. No matter the device you are using, you will be able to convert PDF to Excel from just anywhere without any regional restrictions. All the formatting, columns and overall layout will be preserved during the PDF to Excel conversion.

The built-in OCR will become of great help when dealing with scanned PDF files especially when you want to transform the table into an editable format in spreadsheets. Moreover, if you are not looking to convert the whole input PDF to XLSX, you can extract just the specific content you need.

Cogniview Pdf2xl


This tool comes in three versions; Bacic, OCR and Enterprise and the later is the only one that does not have any limitations. PDF2XL supports the conversions of multipage PDF files into a spreadsheet notwithstanding whether it is a native or scanned PDF file. With the help of the OCR, it is possible to extract data like tables and forms from the scanned file and exporting to an editable spreadsheet.

Time is always of the essence and that is taken into account by this top tool. You will be able to convert PDF to XLS in just a few moments and for more convenience implement the batch conversion feature so as to work on many files at once. The output quality is guaranteed so do not worry about having to realign or edit any part of the output later.

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional


If you are looking for a real solution to all your PDF to Excel conversion tasks, I would recommend you to give this tool a try. It supports batch conversion in addition to being able to add watermarks to multiple files at once. The watermark can come in handy when you need to personalize the output spreadsheets.

Besides that, you will be opened up to lots of editing features so that you can make that output Microsoft Excel document for your requirements. On the other hand, the built-in OCR feature will come in very handy when dealing with not only scanned PDF files but also any image-based PDF file. You also get to enjoy the option to secure your files with passwords in case you want to control who has access to the files.


TalkHelper PDF Converter

talkhelper pdf to excel

The team behind this tool has really impressed me with how they keep the software updated at all times. For me, this translates to that you will get to enjoy the best features available in regards to PDF to Excel conversion at any instance you get started. For both image-based PDF files and scanned PDF files, the built-in OCR with support for over 46 languages will help you process them into editable spreadsheets.

This top comprehensive tool is very reliable as evidenced by the support it has for all available versions of Windows. To get a full picture of what you are to expect from this top tool, you can go for the trial period which will give you all PDF to Excel conversion features for a limited period before you opt for the paid version. The quality of output is just amazing.


Nitro Pro


Nitro Pro can be obtained as a free trial or as a paid version in case you do not want any kind of limitations when converting PDF to XLS or PDF to XLSX. This is the best PDF to Excel converter for Windows in case you are in pursuit of great levels of accuracy. The PDF to Excel conversion process happens pretty fast but at the same time ensures consistency especially for the layout and general formatting of the whole document.

A drag and drop feature is available to help you add files for conversion more conveniently. Costwise, it is more affordable compared to some of the other tools available and with an Office-like UI, get around the software is simple and interactive.

Able2Extract Professional


However complex a PDf file may be, this top-notch tool is capable of processing it and then deliver an editable spreadsheet as the output. It offers two modes of PDF to Excel conversion and you can choose any of the two as you prefer.

TO be specific, it has an automatic mode that requires little to no interaction from you during conversion and a custom mode that basically lest decide on the various aspects of the PDF to XLS conversion. Regardless of the mode you choose, the tool works with pinpoint precision to deliver the best quality possible for the output. With this top program, you never have to reedit the output on top of the chance to implement batch conversion when the need arises.


As evidence, so many PDF to Excel conversion tools are available for you to choose from. Get one that laces your shoes most perfectly and you will be up and running to convert PDF to Excel within no time.